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CHARACTER: Dokugakuji (Sha Jien)
CANON: Saiyuki
GOD: Kshitigarbha (Sanskrit Kṣitigarbha, Chinese: 地藏; pinyin: Dìzàng; Japanese: 地蔵; rōmaji: Jizō) PRONOUNCED: K'SHIH-TIH-GUHR-BUH
POWER: Afterlife Traveler - In addition to a Noragami God's normal teleportation powers, Kshitigarbha's incarnations can open gateways to the Afterlife realms - Hell, Purgatory, Limbo, or Heaven/Near Shore - and select a general area on the map to appear, not just at random although this can be interfered with. They are also not treated as outsiders in Hell, Purgatory, Limbo, or Heaven/Near Shore; they can walk freely in these places and not get attacked like a trespasser would - unless their own actions provoke someone of course. If they guide an Afterlife dweller from Hell, Purgatory, or Limbo to Heaven/Near Shore - must be holding their hand - then that dweller is transitioned to a Near Shore dweller, or "forgiven."
The Shrine of Kshitigarbha's Vow )
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[ Dokugakuji hasn't actually set this thing up yet, but you're more than welcome to leave him a message and he'll answer after he sorts out how to work the darn thing. ]
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CHARACTER NAME: Dokugakuji (Sha Jien)
CHARACTER SERIES: Manga - Saiyuki (Gensomaden Saiyuki/Saiyuki Reload/Saiyuki Reload Gunlock) by Minekura Kazuya

Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Circumstantially. Ask per thread.
Fourthwalling: NO (for Saiyuki being a manga) but YES for the various Journey to the West stories being similar
Offensive subjects (elaborate): LGBTQIA issues (I'm pansexual and a trans ally), animal cruelty, and graphic gore/depictions of biological functions (I have a weak stomach).

Hugging this character: Yep
Kissing this character: Sure but he'll think you're weird
Flirting with this character: Yep
Fighting with this character: Yes! I love fight prose!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Smack him around all you want, but please ask before maiming or permanently injuring him.
Killing this character: Possibly. Extensive OOC plotting required.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yep, go ahead, he has no shields.

Warnings: Backstory discussions could include Suicide, Child Abuse, Incest, and Matricide.


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